Apple Mac mini Airport Extreme & Bluetooth Upgrade Kit 54Mbit/s networking card

Mac mini Airport Extreme & Bluetooth Upgrade Kit
Manufacturer part number M9870ZM/A
Vendor Apple
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Apple's AirPort Extreme wireless networking lets you surf the Internet from almost anywhere in your home or business, and enables schools to provide Internet access to multiple students without installing expensive cabling.

Since AirPort Extreme is based on a new wireless technology called 802.11g, it's a snap to exchange files or play multiplayer games at data rates up to 54 megabits per second (Mbps). The AirPort Extreme Card allows your AirPort Extreme-enabled Mac to communicate with local AirPort Extreme networks or other Wi-Fi certified 802.11b networks, including earlier versions of Apple's AirPort Base Station. AirPort Extreme-enabled computers that join an AirPort or other 802.11b wireless network can achieve data rates up to 11 Mbps - the maximum allowed by 802.11b. For higher data rates, you need both the AirPort Extreme Card installed in an AirPort Extreme-ready computer and an AirPort Extreme Base Station. AirPort Extreme provides a range up to 50 feet at 54 Mbps and up to 150 feet at 11 Mbps for AirPort Extreme-enabled computers.

Every AirPort Extreme-enabled Mac has antennas built in and optimally placed, much like a mobile phone, to provide the best possible wireless performance. And because AirPort Extreme uses radio waves for communication, it can even work through walls.

To get the full speed benefits of the 802.11g-based AirPort Extreme Card, you'll want to use it with an AirPort Extreme Base Station. But since the AirPort Extreme Card is compatible with 802.11b, you can use any AirPort Base Station or other Wi-Fi certified 802.11b access point without any hassles; you don't need to change any hardware or software settings. Everything is automatic.

To create your own wireless network in your home or business, just add an AirPort Extreme Base Station. This will allow you to communicate between AirPort-enabled computers, AirPort Extreme-enabled computers, Windows PCs with Wi-Fi certified 802.11b cards, and the AirPort Extreme Base Station and share access to the Internet, without wires.

This product is bundled with Internal Bluetooth Module.

Apple Mac mini Airport Extreme and Bluetooth Upgrade Kit - Network adapter - AirPort Extreme - Bluetooth, 802.11b, 802.11g


Data transfer rate (max)
54 Mbit/s


Frequency band

Other features

Form factor
Networking features
Bluetooth, WLAN
Wireless connection
Wireless technology
802.11 b/g
Compatible operating systems
Apple MacOS X 10.2.7
Compliance industry standards
IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g


Security algorithms
128-bit WEP,40-bit WEP,LEAP,WPA

Ports & interfaces

Connectivity technology
Host interface


Supported network protocols
Management protocols

System requirements

Mac compatibility

Wireless LAN features

WLAN data transfer rates supported
54 Mbit/s

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