Hewlett Packard Enterprise Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 2 Sockets, 1 Guest, 3Y

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2 Sockets 1 Guest 3 Year Subscription 24x7 Support No Media Lic
Manufacturer part number BC321A
Vendor Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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A trusted datacenter platform
Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the foundation of a long-term IT strategy, supporting all leading hardware architectures with compatibility across releases and including a seven-year update and support lifecycle (optionally extendable to ten years). Modular, flexible, robust architecture and management tools offer more control and scalability, and a portfolio of Add-On options enhance infrastructure and application availability.

Application performance, scalability, and security
New standards in multi-core and virtual systems require a platform that can manage complexity — scaling up or out to meet business needs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux has proven performance on systems with over a hundred cores and terabytes of memory, making it suitable for the largest enterprise application deployments. With technology designed specifically for monitoring, managing, and securing applications, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an ideal guest on any of the major virtualization platforms.

Delivers flexibility and control across IT infrastructures
Red Hat Enterprise Linux allows businesses to deploy physical, virtual, and cloud computing within their datacenters. Red Hat technologies span all environments, removing barriers, increasing efficiency, and leveraging employee skills. Integrated virtualization allows physical and virtual deployments to interoperate, while fine-grained control of compute resources (e.g., CPU, memory, networking, and I/O) allows businesses to manage application and guest service-level agreements (SLAs). Power management features reduce datacenter carbon footprint, and enhanced interoperability simplifies integration into Microsoft Windows Active Directory environments.


Number of years
3 year(s)

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